Talking about Hummus is just like a talk about football. Everyone is an expert. Everyone sure he is right.
So where is the best Hummus? Obviously here are the best Hummus places in Tel Aviv!

Hummus Abu Ghosh:

Straight from the village in the Jerusalem hills, a recipe from 1953 and excellent raw materials.
Right next to Dizengoff Square, in the place that is clean as a pharmacy, you will be welcomed with good vibes, and you’ll get a wonderful hummus plate with lots of love. Aside the Hummus you want to order also fresh salad with Tehina and hot Falafel balls. If by chance you’re done and still want to snack, you will be refilled with joy. Highly recommended!


The Syrian’s Son:

Who doesn’t know the famous Syrian from the Yemenite Quarter? The old man with the glasses who serves Hummus on a flat plate with cut egg. Small tables on the narrow street in the Yemenite Quarter’s alleys. The bad news is that after so many years the place was closed. The good news is that his son opened a new place, not far away, with the same famous Hummus plate. Don’t miss it!

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Hummus Magen David

Right in the middle of the Carmel Market, in a place that was a synagogue, you’ll find the Magen David Hummus. Without waiters, you’ll probably stand in line to get your Hummus plate, and find yourself an available space to sit and eat. It’s the cheapest Hummus in town, but that doesn’t affect the quality and experience. Go for it when you’re around.

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Abu Hasan / Ali Karavan

Without any doubt, here you can find the best Msabbaha in town. Msabbaha is a type of hummus dish, a blended mix of Chickpeas and Tehina. If you go there it’s just for the Masabbaha! They have four restaurants, when it’s recommended to go to the original one in the old part of Jaffa. The two other restaurants in Jaffa, which are located on the same street from both sides of the road, are also very good.