Michael-Fisch-Photo - things to do in tel aviv - get out of my frame
photography-Michael-Fisch - things to do in tel aviv - get out of my frame
photo-Michael-Fisch - things to do in tel aviv - get out of my frame
Michael-Fisch-Gallery - things to do in tel aviv - get out of my frame


This is going to be a really interesting experience:)
This experience is more about professional photography and less about photo tour.
This is your chance to get into a professional photographer’s mind when it comes to concept and location.

If you ask me what should be done to take a good photograph, I’ll ask you to tell a story. If you get to tell a story, you’ve probably done a good job.
Sometimes one picture is enough to tell a story, and sometimes we will need a whole series. But let me tell you something about stories – it’s not that easy to tell them.

When we want to design a series of photographs, there are many elements that we need to be addressed in order to get the desired results and even beyond.

I invite you to get into my mind and into my frame, to learn how to develop your ideas, how to find the right location and what to do with it, how to deal with light and environmental conditions, and to get new tools and methods of how to create a good visual story.

Let’s make a deal: You bring your ideas, any idea that comes to your mind,
I’ll take care of a great location, and together we’ll create a conceptual photo series in the same way I’m used to working on my projects.


The location of this experience will be determined depending on mood and environmental conditions. You can be sure that the location will be attractive because it’s a main the part of the whole thing.  And remember: location is much more than a background!

Number of participants: Maximum of 12 people.

Workshop duration: 4 hours

This workshop includes: For a start we’ll have some great Hummus (or other local delicacies) with uplifting drinks. Later on, we’ll enjoy from some Mediterranean sweets.

This trip does not include: Your brilliant ideas, water, hat and sunscreen in summer, notebook sketches.

Camera: Street photography allows us to use almost all kinds of cameras, whether
a smartphone, professional reflex camera, or everything in between.

When shooting in the street, the camera type you choose will clearly affect your opportunities and results.
Consider the pros and cons of each camera, remember that the type of camera is also a psychological game that affects your photographed subjects, and don’t just think about image quality. What you get with smartphone cannot be achieved by reflex camera and vice versa.

Now you are ready to make the decision with which camera you go on the workshop!
The images presented were taken using professional DSLR camera.

Meeting point: You will be notified by email on the location of the workshop.
If weather conditions (severe heat wave or storm) do not allow to tour, you will be notified by email about the planned changes.

Price: 400 ILS per participant Payment includes: 17% VAT and 8% Operating Fees.


Please Note: ‘Get Out Of My Frame’ provides social and creative activities in Tel Aviv-Yafo. All activities take place in the streets of Tel Aviv-Yafo, in a friendly environment without known risk factors. ‘Get Out Of My Frame’ will not be held responsible in any way for injuries to body and property incurred during activities.