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Rothschild Boulevard, The White City, Neve Tzedek: outstanding names for all tourists in Tel Aviv. Everyone agrees that these are must-see places.

Is it possible to experience them from an additional perspective?

Rothschild Boulevard, the main and most famous boulevard in Tel Aviv, is undoubtedly the backbone of the city. This place that has a significant part in the history of the city, was initially called ”Rehov Ha’Am” -Street of the people – very relevant for today. Besides being a cultural and business center, Rothschild is the beating heart of the daily scene of Tel Aviv, the trendiest meeting point and a non-stop ”fashion show” of urbanity.

An exciting reflection of Tel Aviv’s people and a great scene for street shooters!

Rothschild Boulevard and the streets around it (an integral part of this tour) are also the heart of the ”White City”, which was declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2003. Beautiful reflections of architecture and combinations of old and new together, which creates the unique visual charm of this city.

Another challenging experience for street photographers!

Neve Tzedek is the first neighborhood of Tel Aviv that carries a lot of history, architecture, spicy stories, and especially a lot of beauty.
Like in many other places in Tel Aviv – the vibrant life of the city has become an integral part of the neighborhood, with a lot of design shops, restaurants and bars, so many also call it the Israeli SoHo.

This experience is a kind of time tunnel, starting in the present and new, skips back and forth between past and present, old and new, and the mix of all together.

We’ll visually explore the reflections of the old, present, and new and the fascinating path that runs between them.

In this tour, we’ll allow the streets to lead us and experience what they have to offer at the moment. That’s the best way to do this!:)


There is no better way to feel and photograph the street than walking it.
So you have to know – this is a walking tour!

Number of participants: Maximum of 8 people.

Duration and distance: 4 Hours, 3-4 Km

This trip includes: Tastings of some local specialties and street food (such as Hummus, Falafel, Bourkas and Stuffed). Tastings of some Mediterranean sweets (such as Malabi or Salep, Kanafeh, Baklava and Halva). Toast of a local uplifting drink!

This trip does not include: Comfortable walking shoes, hat and sunscreen, water and soft drinks, or any unexpected environmental paraphernalia you want for yourself.

Camera: Street photography allows us to use almost all kinds of cameras, whether
a smartphone, professional reflex camera, or everything in between.

When shooting in the street, the camera type you choose will clearly affect your opportunities and results.
Consider the pros and cons of each camera, remember that the type of camera is also a psychological game that affects your photographed subjects, and don’t just think about image quality. What you get with smartphone cannot be achieved by reflex camera and vice versa.

Now you are ready to make the decision with which camera you go on the tour!
In case you were wondering, the images presented were taken using iPhone.

Meeting point: Rothschild Boulevard corner of Shenkin Street

If weather conditions (severe heat wave or storm) do not allow to tour, you will be notified by email about the planned changes.

Price: 280 ILS per participant Payment includes: 17% VAT and 8% Operating Fees.


Please Note: ‘Get Out Of My Frame’ provides social and creative activities in Tel Aviv-Yafo. All activities take place in the streets of Tel Aviv-Yafo, in a friendly environment without known risk factors. ‘Get Out Of My Frame’ will not be held responsible in any way for injuries to body and property incurred during activities.