Photo-tours-tel-aviv - things to do in tel aviv - get out of my frame


A number of experiences and coincidences gave rise to this project.

My desire was to create a combination of things I really like into one unique package:
A photography tour and visual experience in cool locations, great people, authentic local food and uplifting drinks with typical ‘Middle Eastern’ vibes.
A multisensory experience!

When you get out of your frame, you never know where you’ll get.

That’s exactly the idea of Get Out of My Frame.


Fisch-Michael - things to do intel aviv - get out of my frame
Michael-Fisch - things to do in tel aviv - get out of my frame


I’m Michael Fisch, the guy who is trying to get you out of your frame.

It all started when my dad gave me his old Pentax, which was my very first camera.
A few years later, I found myself deep inside the the world of photography.

After many years as a professional photographer (mainly of fashion, editorial and advertising), it now feels to be the right time to get out of my frame and share with you what I see from behind the camera.

Many kinds of people, beautiful women, objects and diverse scenes have passed through my lens over the years. This may sound very flashy, but they are all bystanders for single moments, and you don’t have much time to enjoy them.

The challenge to document the moment and tell a story, requires developing your own techniques and approaches to photographing people and situations.
Every photographer has a private toolbox with professional secrets, and I’m ready to open mine.

Be it street, documentary, portrait or travel photography, these professional and personal tips will be an integral part of our mutual experience.

You are welcome to visit my professional website: Michael Fisch Photographer

As an Israeli who grew up in Jerusalem and lives in Tel Aviv, I can say that most of the time, we, the Israelis, love and are proud of what we have here. It’s not the most peaceful place in the world, and can sometimes become quite complex, and yes, sometimes we can be a little brash and edgy, but that’s part of the charm of this place and who we are.

Remember that we are ”Tzabarim” (Sabras).
Tzabar (The Sabra fruit so common in Israel) is the typical Israeli’s nickname.
Like the fruit, it’s rough and prickly on the outside, but soft and sweet inside.

dizengoff-square-tel-aviv - things to do in tel aviv - get out of my frame
tel-aviv-beach - things to do in tel aviv - get out of my frame


Let’s explore the real magic of Tel Aviv streets as my friends and I see it.
Let’s walk where the real daily life of the city happens.
We will feel the unique energy of the city and meet its colorful people.
We will allow ourselves to taste some good local food and uplifting drinks.

So you can feel and experience our point of view on this nonstop city and the places we love. And of course, remember to bring your own perspective!

‘Get Out of My Frame’ offers the creation of extra visual value:

It’s impossible to find someone without a camera in his hand today.
Everyone is taking pictures. We shoot everything all the time.
But, are we always satisfied with what we get?

The street is not the same street when you just walk along it as when you shoot it. You won’t believe what you can see when you are looking for a good shot – how the street changes from different points of view.
One single street can tell many stories that we normally miss.
This visual experience will allow us to see the invisible details around us.

‘Catch the Moment’ is not just an expression form the world of photography.
‘Get Out Of My Frame’ makes sure that you catch the moment not only with your camera or smartphone, but in the right place at the right time.

And remember, eventually, it’s not just a photo tour, this is an urban experience! So feel comfortable even if you’re not a photography geek!:)


Shani, my partner for life – This project is an integral part of you.

We Hate Tourism Tours – I would like to thank my colleagues from Lisbon for the inspiration, support and friendship.